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Hints & Tips.

Invented by Essex Lock Service, an invaluable addition to the home owners fight against domestic crime

Invented by Essex Lock Service, an invaluable addition to the home owners fight against domestic crime, especially created for aluminium patio sliding doors.

The bar prevents the door from being lifted and forced back thus preventing entry by unwanted visitors.

The bar is fixed by two key operated studs which cannot be removed without the key. The studs lock into reinforcing steel plates and do not rely entirely on the aluminium for its strength.



Mortice Deadlocks(1)

· Fit mortice deadlock at least [18"] 26cm from the night latch.

· Make sure the mortice is cut according to fitting instructions.

· Try to position the lock so the locks on door are evenly spaced and look good as well as do the job they are fitted for.

· When two locks on a door are very close together, there is less strength on the frame against attack by brute force and ignorance.

· Have a look at the stop on your door frame, it is probably ½" or 1" if it is more than ½" you should fit a [3"] 80mm lock. If it is ½ " then you will be OK with the more common (2 ½" ] 67mm lock.

· The mortice deadlock you choose for your front door, should have at least 5 levers, these determine the amount of different combinations available for that particular lock, so less chance of your keys fitting the next door.

· When buying a lock, be guided by a Locksmith - someone who knows all the different locks on the market. Don't just buy a lock because it has a well known name. You will pay quite a lot more.

· E.g. CHUBB 3G114 mortice deadlock 2 brass keys
= £32.48 R.R.P. + VAT

· GUARDIAN D50/54 mortice deadlock 3 brass keys
= £26.40 R.R.P. + VAT

· ASEC mortice deadlock 2 keys
= £17.60 RRP + VAT

· All of these locks are to British Standard, and in my opinion the cheaper one is as good quality.


· When buying a night latch, ask your locksmith for it to have registered keys, this will prevent anyone with your key, having extra keys cut without your permission.

· With registered keys you are protected by your signature and usually can only obtain extra keys from one source.


· When having keys cut, use your local Locksmith, not only will they cut your keys properly, you may also find out any problems your keys may have. This could save you the expense of calling out someone to let you in, when your key breaks. We also can sometime know when you have a bad pattern key and sometime can correct it without the lock. But it's not a bad idea to occasionally have your locks serviced. Talk to your local locksmith just to check that it is all OK.

· If you have trouble locking or opening your door, you can adjust this yourself or have the locksmith to adjust and also service the locks on site.

· We do a complete on site service including key cutting - we can also do key cutting on your locks, on site.


· Lubricate cylinder locks with Grafite [F.O.C. from Essex Lock Service].

· Lubricate the latches or deadbolt with spray oil.